7/14/20 Press Release Thanking Our Community

No doubt these are tough times, so now more than ever, your local Chamber is working hard to make sure the small business community survives. That is what Chambers do.

Why? One reason is Chambers of Commerce are small businesses themselves and understand what it means to struggle and survive to have success.

The work of these amazing local Chambers does not go unnoticed. In fact, United Chambers of Commerce was created to help further the work of these local community leaders as they strive to help owners and entrepreneurs who are a foundation of our economy and community.  

It is one of the reasons the United Chambers took the initiative to return the 2020 Membership dues to the Chambers.

Everyone is feeling the financial strain of this economic shutdown and the reopening process. This financial support to the Chambers can allow them to focus on what is important to all of us, helping small businesses reopen successfully and safely.

Besides refunding membership dues, the United Chambers is providing Chamber Round Tables with contacts and resources, so Chambers are ready and able to assist.

When a business needs vital information to keep running, the Chamber is there along with a live friendly voice. If they do not have the answer at the moment they will find it and return the call…customer service at its best!

If you are a member of a local Chamber, Thank you for supporting an important community business. If you have ever thought about joining a Chamber, now is the time to see what a Chamber of Commerce can do for you. The Chamber may not be wealthy, but it is a wealth of information for businesses.

Chambers have relationships with many people in the community. There is nothing better than opening a door through a friendly connection. Chambers have that credibility you can trust. Chambers act as educators, advocates, counselors, visionaries and will be your best cheerleader.


We are in this together so why not join a family that has your back and gives back!