12/3/19 UCC Government Affairs Press Release

A Message from our Government Affairs Committee 

It has been a great year for the United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.

We’ve spent the year in our monthly meetings looking at legislation that will affect businesses both small and large from City Council, the State Assembly and the State Senate. Legislation that aimed to clarify aspects of the California Consumer Privacy Act; extend the time restaurants and bars could serve alcohol in the City of Los Angeles; increases to property taxes and business taxes; solutions to homelessness and housing related issues.  

We had some very good discussions on a wide-range of business related topics.

We brought in guest speakers from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office who discussed programs the City has to offer businesses that they can take advantage of, a former City Councilmember, former and current state Assembly Members who spoke on how we can work effectively with elected officials, and a community newspaper columnist providing information on op-ed pieces; not to mention the various experts on proposed legislation who gave us the pros and the cons so we could make informed decisions.

Of course none of these meetings would have been nearly as informative without the collaboration we’ve had from our elected official’s representatives who attended our meetings; offered more information on topics when asked; updated us on what their elected’s priorities are and where they stand on the business related issues.  

They made it very clear that they wanted to hear from us, valued our input and made sure we understood that their doors were always open to keep a constant dialogue going.  

Communication is a two way street and these representatives do a really good job of representing the office of our elected leaders … from City Council Members to County Supervisors to State Assembly Members to State Senators… we even had representatives from Congressional offices participate.

Finally, the United Chambers of Commerce would not exist if it wasn’t for our Member Chambers and their Member’s participation. These conversations and learning opportunities are made better with the involvement of our members and our partners. The more active participation we have the stronger our targeted advocacy can be.  

Thank you for your 2019 participation in United Chambers of Commerce.  

Together, let’s make 2020 the year of business recognition in the City of Los Angeles.

Happy Holidays! Hope you will join us on Monday January 13, 2020!

Richard Fisk, Cindy Cleghorn and Diana Dueñas

Government Affairs Committee of United Chambers of Commerce