7/28/20 UCC Government Affairs Press Release

Sherman Oaks, CA – The United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee took the following position(s) on July 20, 2020 
For Immediate Release: 
OPPOSED: AB 398 | Local Government & School Recovery & Relief Act
This bill in part would impose a tax on a large business, defined as a for-profit, private entity that has more than 500 employees that perform any of their duties within the state, at the rate of $275 per employee. If passed this will discourage hiring and job growth while California suffers Depression Era unemployment levels.
OPPOSED: SB 1383 | Unlawful Employment Practice, Family Leave
This bill will harm small employers by requiring any employer with only 5 employees to provide 12 weeks of protected leave each year and threatening them with litigation for any unintentional mistake. Even though this is UNPAID leave that does not mean the employer will not endure added costs. The employer will still have to pay the employees medical insurance during the 12 weeks they are away from work out on leave. The leave is protected meaning an employer must return the employee to the same position the employee had before going out on leave.
United Chambers of Commerce advocates for policies that enhance the region and the state’s business climate including encouraging entrepreneurship, creating jobs, and supporting business.
Taxation -We support legislation that includes reducing the high tax burden on businesses and supports a more equitable and sustainable tax system and generally are against new additional taxes.
Homelessness / Unsheltered – We support legislation that finds opportunities not just for housing but, for jobs, and mental health support for those living on the street or unhoused without putting business and public safety at risk.
Labor Law Regulations – We support sensible legislation that does not burden business owners which is a leading contributor to the reason why they go out of business or move out of the state.
Rent/Housing – We support initiatives that encourage & incentivize increasing the housing supply without making it cumbersome for the property owner.
Aviation – We recognize the economic impact the aviation industry and air commerce have on the San Fernando Valley and surrounding region and support policies that help with growth and increased safety.
Healthcare – The organization supports reasonable and affordable healthcare policies that do not place a disproportionate burden on employers.
Energy – United Chambers supports reliable sources of affordable and diverse energy supplies, including the use of natural gas, renewable energy sources and ways to work towards conservation.
Education – The importance of quality education and the effect it has on the future of our workforce and our society cannot be overstated. We support sensible and sustaining budget policies that support the public education school system without placing an unfair and undue financial burden on businesses. We also support legislation that foster public and private sector partnerships that will increase workforce development.
United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee now meets (virtually) monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month and is focused on bringing forth and taking positions on issues that can affect our San Fernando Valley businesses.
The United Chambers of the San Fernando Valley and Region is a coalition of 19 Member Chambers representing over 135,000 businesses valley wide.
United Chambers deals with Valley-wide, County-wide and Regional issues and promotes the San Fernando Valley’s overall welfare, progress and economic prosperity.