8/20/18 UCC Government Affairs Press Release

Sherman Oaks, CA – The United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee on August 20, 2018 took the following position(s). 

Prop 10: (Repeal Costa Hawkins)

California is facing a severe housing crisis. Prop 10 is a deeply flawed measure that will make our housing crisis worst. This measure will hurt the people that it’s supposed to help. Rand did a study in the 1980’s and predicted this would happen.

The committee voted to OPPOSE unanimously

LA County Rent Control Moratorium Ordinance:

The LA County Supervisors will vote on September 4 on whether or not to place a rent cap on mobile homes and on September 11 will decide if family dwellings with greater than 3 units will also have a rent cap in unincorporated areas

The committee voted to OPPOSE unanimously

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