9/25/19 UCC Government Affairs Press Release

Sherman Oaks, CA – The United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee took the following position on September 16, 2019: 

The United Chambers of Commerce has agreed with the City Council’s file CF 19-0002-S39 resolution to oppose:

State Senator Weiner’s SB58 which would allow select cities to issue permits extending the cutoff time for alcohol sales to 3:00 AM. In making our position, the United Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee mostly felt that this issue would not be a factor as Los Angeles competes with other cities that have extended hours and the potential negative aspects to the City as a whole outweigh the number of businesses that were in favor of the longer hours. The state bill did not make it through this year’s legislative process.  United Chamber’s position will be on record when and if the bill is reconsidered next year.

The United Chambers of Commerce has also voted against supporting City CF-19-0229 motion, titled the “Fair Work Week LA”. The Government Affairs Committee concluded that a mandated 14 day scheduling notice could possibly take away some of the convenient flexibility that both the employer and employee now consider workable.  It was also discussed as having the potential to expose the employer to additional litigation challenges. The motion, adopted by City Council in August called for the Chief Legislative Analyst to analyze other cities policies and the City Attorney to draft an ordinance, both to be presented to the City Council. at alter date.

The United Chambers of Commerce Government Affairs Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month and is focused on bringing forth and taking positions on issues that can affect our San Fernando Valley businesses.