Cal Chamber Conference Call Notes 4/1/10

Cal Chamber Conference Call

April 1, 2010

Stop Hidden Taxes:

A coalition that would like to have on the ballot an initiative that will prevent taxes to be disguised as fees and which would eliminate the need of a 2/3 vote, would only need 50% vote. Currently they have 350,000 signatures, need 1.5 million by early May.


Provides oversight and accountability by requiring a thorough economic analysis of costly regulations proposed by the California Air Resources Board. Report conducted by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) will focus on a cost benefit analysis and the technological feasibility of a regulation.


Would allow small businesses to compete on state contracts and will be heard April 20, 2010.


90% of state contract work to be done by Californians.


Cal Chamber supports and the hearing is on April 14, 2010.


This would not allow employees to vote by secret ballot to join unions.


Similar to prior bill of slave labor to be heard April 13, 2010.


Full disclosure of all ingredients in products and posted on website for consumers, to be heard April 15, 2010.


Will comprise the current free trade agreement in place, to be heard April 20, 2010.