Cal Chamber Conference Call Recap 5/13/2010



AB 2727 (Bradford)
New Liability for Hiring Decisions – Unreasonably expands employer liability and regulatory burden by imposing confusing and subjective new standards and criteria on employers who deny an applicant on the basis of a criminal conviction record and by creating a new private right of action and criminal penalties for violating the new requirements. (This bill has more restrictions for employers to hire an applicant with a criminal conviction which will allow them to file more lawsuits, the current law states applicants cannot be turned down based on having a criminal record) Set to be heard May 19, send letters

AB 2492 (Ammiano)
Higher Employer Property Taxes – Undermines Proposition 13 protections and could result in higher property taxes for small businesses by creating an arbitrary and unfair standard for determining that a business property has changed ownership and needs to be reassessed.

SB 1113 (Wolk)
Undermines Taxpayer Rights – Makes it more costly and difficult for taxpayers to fight meritorious disputes and gives the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) the upper hand by allowing FTB to request a new court trial of tax cases they lose at the administrative level. (Set to be heard May 17)

Budget Update:
There is no new revenue to be had, more cuts coming, biggest hit has been healthcare, 40 billion already cut, need to cut an additional 10 -12 billion. The budget revision is due May 14.

Coalition Building – Internet Taxation (No bill number)
There will be a conference call on Friday May 14th @ 11:00 AM for discussion
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