Cal Chamber Conference Call Recap 5/27/10



SB 920 (Yee)
Requires an opt-in provision for inclusion in the already state mandated telephone directory.

AB 2492 (Ammiano)
Higher Employer Property Taxes – Undermines Proposition 13 protections and could result in higher property taxes for small businesses by creating an arbitrary and unfair standard for determining that a business property has changed ownership and needs to be reassessed.

SB 1304 (DeSaulnier)
Potentially makes the management of overlapping leave requests unfeasible or unfair and creates staffing shortages that temporarily halt operations by requiring employers to provide paid leave of up to 30 days for organ donations and 5 days for bone marrow donations, on top of existing sick and vacation leaves.

AB 482 (Mendoza)
Expanded Employer Liability – Increases potential liability exposure for hiring decisions by unduly restricting the ability of businesses to use consumer credit reports as part of the background check process.

SB 1275 (Leno)
Delays Construction Industry Recovery – Hinders recovery of the residential construction industry by reducing the availability of credit due to delays in resolving delinquent loans by requiring lenders to determine a borrower’s eligibility for a loan modification prior to the filing of a notice of default.

AB 2230 (Calderon)
Would stigmatize California employers who take advantage of investment incentives by making private taxpayer information for the 100 largest publicly traded corporations in the state available on the Franchise Tax Board’s (FTB) website.

AJR 27 (Torrico)
U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement – A California Assembly Joint Resolution opposing the U.S.-Colombia FTA, would cast the FTA and Colombia in an unproductive light if it were to pass. Colombia is an important trading partner with California and the United States and also a partner in stopping drug trafficking.


AB 1846 (M. Perez)
Expedited Environmental Review – Streamlines the CEQA approval process for certain projects by allowing industries subject to compliance with greenhouse gas regulations under AB 32 to go through an expedited environmental review through a focused environmental impact report.

There will be a full report on the budget in tomorrow’s Alert, which I will forward upon receipt.