Cal Chamber Legislative Conference Call Agenda 4/22/10

Cal Chamber Legislative Conference Call 4/22/10

Bill Agenda


AB 2110 (DeLaTorre) Extends the minimum grace period for non-payment of policies, prior to cancellation, other than weekly premium policies, to 50 days.


AB 2492 (Ammiano) Higher Employer Property Taxes – Could dramatically increase the cost of doing business in California for both business property owners and their business tenants and in turn chill investments, jobs, and the economy by removing Proposition 13 protections from business property owners and imposing a volatile, arbitrary system of increasing their property taxes, including a rebuttable presumption that every three years business properties have changed ownership and need to be reassessed.

AB 2171 (Calderon) – Requires the legislature to make a separate annual appropriation to fund all investment incentives for that year, and disallows all investment incentives claimed beyond the amount of the annual appropriation.

AB 2230 (Calderon) – Requires FTB to post private taxpayer information about the 100 largest publicly traded corporations on its website.

AB 2641 (Arambula) – Requires the legislature to review and determine whether investment incentives provide a measurable benefit to the state every five years, to eliminate those that do not, and also provides for all future-created investment incentives to sunset automatically every fifth year.

AB 2666 (Skinner) – Requires FTB to collect and compile an annual report, to be posted on its website and searchable by the public, that includes detailed private taxpayer information about any California employer that receives an investment incentive, along with other private taxpayer information and also requires that the report be made available to the public in a searchable database.

SB 1086 (Florez) – Requires FTB to compile an annual report, to be posted on its website and searchable/downloadable by the public, that includes private taxpayer information about any California employer who receives an investment incentive of $1,000 or more.

SB 1272 (Wolk) – Establishes specific bill requirements for future enacted investment incentive bills including that they set forth detailed performance indicators to be used evaluate their effectiveness, data collection requirements for taxpayers and government agencies who would be charged with oversight, and an automatic five-year sunset provision.

SB 1391 (Yee) – Requires California employers taking advantage of any investment incentives to provide a detailed report to FTB and return any portion disallowed due to a net decrease in the number of full-time employees.

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