Hoover Power Legislation H.R. 4349 (Napolitano)

April 7, 2010


The Honorable Grace Napolitano

U.S. House of Representatives
1610 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

RE:  Hoover Power Legislation – H.R. 4349 (Napolitano)

Dear Representative Napolitano,

On behalf of United Chambers of Commerce, I am writing to inform you that our membership SUPPORTS your bill H.R. 4349 and thanks you for your leadership and commitment to retain Hoover Dam power for beneficiaries in Southern California. This legislation will preserve low-cost, emission-free Hoover Dam hydropower currently used to move Colorado River water across the Southern California region.

After two years of negotiations, Hoover Dam power contractors in California, Nevada, and Arizona have reached a compromise that ensures today’s beneficiaries of Hoover Dam power will continue to have access to this power source well into the future. Congressional action is necessary to provide certainty for these contractors. HR 4349 will avoid costly litigation regarding the distribution of this crucial resource and complement environmental mitigation efforts already underway along the Lower Colorado River. That environmental commitment extends for 50 years – the same amount of time now being sought to extend Hoover Dam power allocations.

Should California contractors lose their historic allocation of power from Hoover Dam, they will be forced to pay a premium for additional power supplies that may not be emission free. That loss would be a tremendous financial and environmental setback for the State, and for numerous Southern California cities, resulting in dramatically higher rates for imported water.
Once again, your leadership is greatly appreciated.

Stephen T. Holzer, Esq.
Chairman of the Board
United Chambers of Commerce
5121 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 208
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403
T (818) 981-4491 F (818) 981-4256