Neighborhood Councils

Position Paper-Neighborhood Councils

United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley wishes to encourage all of its Member Chambers and all businesses generally to participate n the upcoming Neighborhood Council election to be held in the City of Los Angeles.

We live in historic times, marked by a dramatic plunge in business and high unemployment combined with dwindling city revenues. Los Angeles and all local municipalities are facing severe cutbacks of services combined with anticipated, first time ever record layoffs of public employees.

Against this backdrop, all of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils will be holding elections of their members. While Neighborhood Councils are advisory only, they can and do influence city policy making including planning, zoning and permitting.

Until now, business interests have shown little interest in participating in Neighborhood Councils. While United Chambers celebrates the involvement of all interest groups in the Neighborhood Councils, United Chambers also wants to ensure that the needs of local business are heard in the Councils. In particular, we would like to see Neighborhood Councils take the lead in amending the business-unfriendly hikes in parking meter rates that have recently been imposed in the Valley.

Business needs a voice on the Neighborhood Councils also to help the City deal with budget problems, planning problems and operational problems. We need the best and the brightest to advise the City on how to go forward in uncertain times. Tough times require that we all pitch in together. Remember, we cannot and will not have a say a the table of government if we do not participate. Let your voice be heard. Vote in your upcoming Neighborhood Council elections. Vote to include business people on Los Angeles. Neighborhood Councils.