Parking Meter Rates

Position Paper-Parking Meters

The recent change in parking meter rates and duration of use has had a negative effect on these businesses being able to attract new customers. The United Chamber of Commerce has taken a strong position on this matter:

1. Rates Should be rolled back to the pre-hike rate.
2. The time allowed on the meters should be plainly shown, and should correspond with the amount of time that can be paid for with one feeding. That is, if the meter is a two hour meter, there should be the ability to pay for both hours at the same time so as not to interrupt business transactions.
3. If the revisions in 1. and 2. are not implemented, then at least a study should be made available to the public that demonstrates a justification for the increase

During this economically depressed time, putting an undue burden on customers and thereby those with whom they conduct commerce in no way creates a business friendly atmosphere in our city. It has a chilling effect on the growth and maintenance of Los Angeles business community.
The United Chambers of Commerce is encouraging its member Chambers and their 8,000 to 10,000 individual members and their employees to address this issue with their representatives.
We look forward to your reply, and the opening of discussions on this matter.