Peripheral Canal – Oppose AB 1594 (Huber)

April 7, 2010

Assembly Member Jared Huffman, Chair
Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
California State Assembly
State Capitol, Room 3120
Sacramento, California

Re:    AB 1594 (Huber): OPPOSE – Peripheral Canal

Dear Assembly Member Huffman:

On behalf of the United Chambers of Commerce, I am writing to inform you that our membership OPPOSES Assembly Bill 1594 (Huber).  AB 1594 will undermine important gains made by last fall’s historic 2009 Delta legislative package by creating a cumbersome and unnecessary process that would force the Legislature to devise all of the crucial details of the necessary conveyance improvements in the Delta.

As the state continues to be impacted by drought, California must be able to effectively manage its water sources — particularly in the Delta, the hub of our state’s water system.  Water supplies for 25 million Californians and millions of agricultural acres have been placed in jeopardy due to federal regulations that restrict water exports to Southern California and the Central Valley because of the worsening environmental conditions.

The Delta legislative package will help restore water supplies by providing clear ground rules for a comprehensive ecosystem restoration/water supply strategy that is emerging through the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (the BDCP).  The BDCP will provide important ecosystem improvements and a new supply conveyance system that minimizes conflicts with fish species in the Delta based on science and not politics.  State and federal environmental laws require extensive review of the BDCP, including its economic impacts.  Additional economic review by the Legislative Analyst’s Office, as mandated by AB 1594, is simply redundant and unnecessary.

The Legislature provided sound and balanced policy direction in the 2009 Delta legislative package that AB 1594 seeks to undermine.  AB 1594 is a thinly-veiled attempt to stop much-needed progress in the Delta by maintaining the status quo in the Delta, which is unacceptable for the environment and state’s economy.  Bold and decisive action is needed now to stop the environmental degradation in the Delta and to return water supply reliability to the state.  For these reasons, I respectfully request that you join us in OPPOSING AB 1594.


Stephen T. Holzer, Esq.
Chairman of the Board
United Chambers of Commerce
5121 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 208
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403
T (818) 981-4491 F (818) 981-4256

cc:      Members of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
Assembly Member Alyson Huber
Consultant to the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee